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I'm Jules, I'm a...

  • Crafty earth mama who loves creating beautiful things that last (Jules)
  • Crusader for less plastic and more nature in life.
  • Lover of pretty things and the beauty created naturally by Mother Nature
  • Blooming creative.
  • Celebrating nature and the joy of play for big kids at heart.
  • Created to bring our passion for beautiful and sustainable
    toys to grown-ups

Flowers and plants: my love language. Plastic? Not even in the conversation.

what are EcoWood Blooms?

Our eco-friendly, hand-painted wooden flowers are the ultimate alternative to boring artificial blooms. They're all about adding lasting beauty and natural charm to your decor. With artisanal craftsmanship and vibrant designs, we've turned flower arrangements into modern, evergreen art. Join us in the blossoming world of creative decor and eco-conscious elegance

  • STEP 1

    Pick 1 TALL focal bloom.


    Tip: creating your arrangement with one or two colours works well.

    LET'S GO 
  • STEP 2

    Pick 1 or 2 MEDIUM blooms.


    Tip: Blooms with no line details are double sided and can face either direction.

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  • STEP 3

    Pick 1 or 2 Short Blooms or Foliage.


    Tip: Golden or Ivory cololurs are the most versatile accent blooms.

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  • STEP 4

    Lastly, finish off your arrangement with some natural dried flowers, or collect some from your garden.

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Gifting made easy...

  • Sustainably sourced & dried flowers. In house, by us.

  • Handcrafted & Designed by Jules

  • We're saying no to those artificial plastic flowers

  • Giving HIGH FIVES to all fellow eco warrior peeps