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Bloom Bar - Medium

Bloom Bar - Medium

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Introducing the enchanting world of Bloom Bars – where your very own indoor garden comes to life, minus the mess and fuss! Imagine creating your own oasis, with no soil required. It's like bringing the outdoors in, with a dash of magic and zero cleanup headaches. These bars are your floral playground, ready to showcase Wooden Blooms, dried flowers, and nature's treasures you've collected – be it a child's heartfelt gift or a token from your globetrotting adventures.

With a neat length of 250mm, these darlings make a delicate statement. They're like the prima donnas of decor – treat them tenderly and watch the enchantment unfold.

Crafted by our hands with a sprinkle of Aussie charm, these Bloom Bars are like a hug from nature. We've chosen the finest 30mm Australian Tasmanian Oak and pampered them with a coat of natural wood oil. The result? A masterpiece that effortlessly sprinkles beauty into any corner – au naturel!

The unique wood grains are like nature's thumbprint on each piece. No two are alike, but that's the fun, right? It's like Mother Earth showing off her individuality and we're just here for the show.


Why you'll love these!

No plastic, or dead flowers around here, just pure charm – that's why Mother Nature loves us as much as we love her!

🌿 Eco Home Decor: Elevate your living space with eco-conscious elegance. Our wooden flowers are an Earth-friendly alternative that adds a touch of nature-inspired charm to your home.

🌏 Sustainable Gift Ideas: Looking for the perfect gift? Our wooden flower arrangements are the epitome of lasting beauty and eco-friendly gifting. Share the joy of sustainable style with your loved ones.

🌱 Natural Home Style: Embrace the modern boho vibe with a twist of rustic charm. These wooden flowers effortlessly blend with any decor, creating a space that's uniquely you.

What your BLOOMS are made from...

At Branch and Bloom, we're all about crafting wooden blooms with a conscience.

We start with sustainably sourced FSC certified 4mm Australian plywood, ensuring our creations leave the gentlest ecological footprint.

Our commitment to eco-friendliness extends to our non-toxic water-safe dyes and natural mica pigments, making our blooms not just beautiful but safe for the environment.

Every step of the process is a labor of love right from our studio on the North Coast of NSW, Australia, where each flower is meticulously designed, cut, and hand-painted.

It's the essence of artisanal craftsmanship, nature-inspired and eco-conscious.

Designed & Crafted by Jules

The spotlight's on Julie, the creative genius behind Branch & Bloom. Each piece is a masterpiece that's born from her imagination, bringing a touch of wonder and charm to your world. So go ahead, and let your space bask in the beauty of these original creations.

Each product in our shop is unique


100% Handmade

Because, the materials have each been hand selected, collected, or cut. Each design is created by my over active creative mind, then it’s my hands that draw, cut, slice, sand, paint and finish each piece. 

Unique and different

No two pieces are ever the same, each unique in their own natural way. Each piece will have its own special wood grain, colours and characteristics. It may look slightly different from the picture shown but that's what makes it special to you. 

Made from natural materials

I love the raw beauty of nature, and that’s where I draw my inspiration from. It’s where I source my materials. It’s where I collect nature’s treasures and is often where I am when a new idea pops up! Nature is perfectly imperfect, and so are my products... so am I!

Sustainably minded and open ended

I believe children’s connection to nature will engage their desire for a sustainable future. I want my children to see the beauty in the natural world, and not in the shiny plastic throw away convenience focused society... I believe open ended, nature based toys and resources that inspire is one way I can help. 

Limited quantity and durability

I will never be a mass toy producer. As to do that means my hands and personal touch can’t be involved in each product produced. The beauty in that, is there won’t be hundreds on my pieces out there... but they will be passed down between children and when it’s their time, they will naturally break down and leave no mark on our earth. 🌍

ECO Styling & Foraging Tips

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  • Designed & Handcrafted by Jules

  • We say NO to plastic fake flowers

  • A gift for YOU, and Mother Nature

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Our Blooming Story: A Personal Journey with Jules from Branch and Bloom

Reviews & Love Letters


Caring for your BLOOMS


Gentle Care Tips for Your Branch and Bloom Beauties

Hey Bloom Buddy! 🌼 Ready to keep your wooden wonders and dried delights looking fabulous? Here are some simple care tips to keep them blooming beautifully:

1. Handle with Care: Treat your naturally dried or Wooden Blooms like the delicate darlings they are. They're super delicate, so gentle handling is key to keeping them looking their best.

2. Shelter from the Elements: Keep your blooms away from harsh sunlight and humidity. Too much exposure can lead to damage and discoloration, so find them a cozy spot indoors where they can shine.

3. Dry Decor Only: Unlike fresh flowers, dried blooms should never take a dip! Instead, showcase them in a decorative vase to add a touch of natural charm to your space.

4. Wipe Away the Dust: Give your Wooden Blooms a little TLC with a gentle wipe-down using a damp cloth. This helps keep them looking fresh and fabulous, just like the day you brought them home.

5. Fade-Proof Beauty: While our Wooden Blooms are dyed with a special non-toxic, light-safe dye, prolonged exposure to direct sunlight can cause some fading over time. Keep them out of the spotlight to preserve their vibrant hues.

6. Trim and Tidy: When arranging your blooms, give them an initial trim to fit snugly into your chosen vase. Then, remove any dust with a soft brush or feather duster. Need a quick fix? A hairdryer on low (no heat) works wonders!

7. Embrace Shedding: Just like real flowers, dried blooms may experience some natural shedding over time. It's all part of their charm! Handle them delicately, and they'll love you right back.

8. Have Questions? If you ever need a helping hand or have any questions about caring for your blooms, don't hesitate to reach out. We're here to ensure your Branch and Bloom treasures bring joy for years to come!

ECO Styling & Foraging Tips